Saturday, March 8, 2014

Updates for our nerds!

 Hello nerds! 

First off the event theme has been chosen! Our nerds have decided thaaaat...Ninja VS. Pirates was the winner! 

We are super excited to see what you all come up with! 

Make sure you save the date to come party with us at PowerUp.


QTPI is in a Gacha fair! 

The luck of the Irish Gacha fair is playing host to QTPI along with many other amazing stores! We have exclusive items waiting for you guys, all brand new and yet to be released in QTPI!  Starting the 12th, they can be yours! Check back here for Landmarks and more info! 

Hope to see you all there!  

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Next event theme at QTPI!

Hello Nerds! 

Got some updates for you! 

We have a voting a board up in QTPI for all of you to vote for our next event theme at Powerup! 

Your options are...*drum roll* 

Ninja VS Pirates OR Saturday morning cartoons! 

Get your votes in because the board will be shut down on the first of march! 

Get down here and slap the board with your lightsaber or sonic screwdriver the crap out of it (no worries it's not made of wood)!